About Us

The New Zealand Botanical Society Inc was established in 1985 following discussions amongst many people on the need for better communication amongst botanists.

A genuine and widespread interest in what colleagues around New Zealand are doing exists and the publication of our quarterly Newsletter has consistently been seen by the membership as the principal purpose of the Society.

The NZBS was incorporated as registered society on 1 June 1989.

Since 1999, we have administered the prestigious Allan Mere Award, conferred to outstanding botanists to acknowledge their contribution and work.


Our society aims to:

  • Encourage the study of botany, particularly that of New Zealand.
  • Disseminate knowledge about, and encourage interest in, the flora of New Zealand.
  • Publish a regular Newsletter available to all members.
  • Organise occasional meetings to foster the objects of the Society.
  • Make statements on matters of national botanical interest and concern.