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University of Canterbury summer course: Practical Field Botany

Practical Field Botany (BIOL305) is an intensive, short summer course designed to meet
the need for training in the collection, preparation, and identification of botanical

Venue: University of Canterbury – Cass Mountain Research Area, Canterbury
Dates: 18–26 January 2018

This course will be of interest to amateur botanists, members of the workforce (e.g.
Crown Research Institutes, Department of Conservation, Local and Regional Councils,
Botanic Gardens, horticulturists and teachers) and biology students who need to acquire
or upgrade taxonomic skills and are interested in field ecology, conservation, biodiversity
and biosystematics. The course is targeted at participants with various entry levels: from
students with a limited plant knowledge to experienced career professionals.

Goals of the course
To enable participants to:

  • become familiar with the plants of the central Canterbury mountains,
  • identify and name plants correctly and accurately using online and hard-copy
    identification keys,
  • make and edit scientific-quality plant photos,
  • maximise usefulness and minimise environmental impact when collecting
  • prepare high quality voucher specimens of plants,
  • use scientific names to access detailed information about New Zealand plants,
  • understand the patterns of variation within populations,
  • appreciate unique and unusual aspects of the New Zealand flora.

Enrolment starts 3 October 2017

More information
Contact Matt Walters (matt.walters@canterbury.ac.nz; 03 369 5211) or
Pieter Pelser (pieter.pelser@canterbury.ac.nz; 03 369 5228).

Read the Course Information PDF

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